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What is AcademicEvents?

AcademicEvents ( is a platform to promote academic events initiated by Science Publishing Group. AcademicEvents aims to provide a conducive environment for academic exchange, promote discussion of hot topics, and encourage more cooperation and exchange among participants.

What Can You Do on the AcademicEvents Platform?

The AcademicEvents platform can help scientific research institutions or scientists organize different academic conferences, including in-person and virtual academic conferences, aiming to provide various forms of convenience for conference organizers. For conference organizers, setting up an event website can be expensive, managing calls for paper can be time-consuming, and finding a suitable publisher can be a challenging task. AcademicEvents can streamline these processes, offering a user-friendly solution for conference organizers, authors, editors, speakers, and reviewers, making conference management, publication, and collaboration efficient and easy.

  • Organize an Event

    AcademicEvents is an event planning platform that supports open science by offering the opportunity to host academic events.

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  • Conference Publications

    We help conference organizers publish conference articles and abstracts on our platform while ensuring compliance with the highest quality.

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  • Organizer Guidelines

    AcademicEvents team can provide guidance, resources and support for a variety of solutions to your event.

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Abstract Book Publication Service Free of Charge

Our goal is to support the academic community by making research accessible and fostering collaboration. In this case, we will publish your conference abstract book free of charge.

Abstract Book can be published for free (containing up to 200 abstracts) until May 31, 2024. If the number of abstracts is more than 200, it will be calculated at the rate of $5 per abstract.

Submit an Event Proposal

The first step to launching an event on AcademicEvents is to submit an event proposal. To do this, simply download the proposal form and fill in the details of the event as requested. Once you have emailed us your proposal, our staff will review your conference details and contact you as soon as possible.

If you are interested in organizing a conference, please download the proposal form and submit via email to

Scholarly Publishing Solutions for AcademicEvents and Institutions

Science Publishing Group (SciencePG) is an international scholarly publisher dedicated to providing the best possible open access publishing service to the academia & research community. SciencePG can offer scholarly publishing solutions for academic events and encourage academic event organizers to collaborate with SciencePG to publish their conference contents.

Our publishing solutions include Journal, Special Issue, Conference Proceedings, Abstract Book, Book.

  • Journal

    To be published in one of our journals, articles must undergo a rigorous peer review process and be selected based on their alignment with the journal's scope and conference theme. Only articles that meet these criteria will be included.

    Conference Article in Journal / Full-length Conference Article

    Rigorously Reviewed Article

    ISSN & DOI

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  • Special Issue

    To be included in the special issue, articles must undergo a rigorous peer review process and be selected based on their scientific quality. Final inclusion in the special issue will be determined by the article's scientific merit.

    Full-length Conference Articles

    Rigorously Reviewed Article

    ISSN & DOI

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  • Conference Proceedings

    Get published as an edited volume with ISBN & DOI in SciencePG Proceedings Series with ISSN. Furthermore, each full-length article will receive a separate DOI.

    SciencePG Proceedings Series

    Full-length Conference Articles


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  • Abstract Book

    The conference book of abstracts will be published as a book with an assigned ISBN. This book will contain abstracts of all the presented articles.

    Conference Book of Abstracts


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  • Book

    Published as a conference book with ISBN & DOI. This book will contain full-length conference articles

    Full-length Conference Article

    ISBN & DOI

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